Monday, 21 June 2010

La Rochelle
I leave in under a week, nearly ready for the long trip to La Rochelle, my Darkvan, loaded with 20 plates, to make new work of the people and there stories in the town. I hope to be able to engage and meet with the people of the town during its Film Festival. and form a portrait of the town in my own unique way of going about photography. a tangled web of self construction, elaborate over sized glass plate negatives, and leaving the sitter with a feeling of 'what just happened to me?'

I'll be with Andrew Kotting, making the trip down through France, he is Artist in residence at Center Intermondes. With Andrew I will be making a document of the people and the way we engage with them, it will be interesting, unpacking, re packing the camera, cleaning glass, pouring chemistry, my hands will be black with Silver as it stains the skin. And i will point the camera at the people, though the people will also possibly point at the camera?
Andrew and I will enlist the people to engage with the camera, the Darkvan and ourselves as we attempt to make a picture of the people, lots of people we hope!

Gloria in Transit, will be journaling all our experiences, interviewing, gathering there stories. standing back form it all as the mad Hoi poloi and Klippity Klopp, or rather Edgeland and Tragada dada plays out its story amongst the town.

2nd July 2010 - 11th July 2010

At the Center Intermondes I will be showing work from my archive, a myriad of stories. of people i have met along the way.
Two lightboxes will be in the space to showing two of the giant glass plate negatives from the day before. Along side a film of Andrews, Klippity Klopp, will be screened, in conjunction to and with the new work we will be making together.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Film festival La rochelle, preparation

Preparing for the festival, showing old and new.
Readying the van for the long trip ahead.
I'll be making pictures, a ghostly record, an ecounter, a record a re action and performance to the people of the city. Of La Rochelle

I will be working with film maker Andrew Kotting, as we make work and travel together. We will also be showing work at center intermondes.
2nd - 11th July
More information to come.

Below: James T Ford: the blue grass man from missisipi. who killed a man, worked the land, cut timber and drove a truck before he found his guitar.
Van dyke Selinium toned