Monday, 19 July 2010

France3 News at Intermondes, Sebastian Edge, Andrew Kotting

Andrews last day at the Residence in La Rochelle,
I decided to take and make Andrews Portrait,
the making of this picture was filmed for France 3 news and played later that evening.
As i finished making the negative plate, a chip in the top of the glass split the glass into three pieces, as i lifted it from the dish, a little trickle of my blood went into the tray, and became mixed with chemistry.
This picture becomes the final footnote with Andrew, and the two weeks of me taking pictures, and him making a film.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


SUD OUEST article on the collaboration.

So far, what I am doing here is getting a strong response, people are captivated by why i would choose to take my photos this way. Andrew is running around with his camera, make an archive, a digital logue, alot of sound. every five minutes a camera will be pushed under my arm, so he films what i see.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Day 1, La Rochelle film Festival

We caught the ten am boat from Dover to Calais and began the five hundred mile drive down to La Rochelle. We were met by Arknaud and Edward at the Center Intermonde after being shown where we would be staying in the residensey, we then went to see the exhibition space. Something to eat late, whilst sat on the harbour wall, We discussed how we would show the work we had bought with us. Andrews first film 'Klippity Klopp' and my autobiographical and self investigative photos, a selection of eight hang the walls. Four Vandyke prints, line the wall outside of the space.
My camera temporarilly dominates the corner of the space, waiting to be used to make the new work in the town, a link to the machine the glass plate negatives I will make and display and the prints that adorn the walls.