Monday, 24 March 2014

Two years and not much

Last two years i have put time into re enforcing the medium i work with. I spend more than half my year teaching and wanted to find a solution to "the keeping it alive" band wagon, which doesn't make sense. year one i built a darkroom for professionals to use. Year two began an annual showcase and publication of their work in central london and tour it to universities. 

Photography is photography. Film, digital. Print or on screen. A carrot if it will work. What ever gets you there. But getting there with film and print is pricey and Its not as accessible so Nld (north London Darkroom) experimented with Punktum, free one day workshop and we crowd funded our show! £4000 raised, talks, events and more at universities, it paid off and was great to do. Thanks pledgers! 

Summer 2014, i need to make work again, time to make pictures. NLD is good and the next show will be easier and bigger! Things are looking good for the medium. I just need to crack on and make something