Monday, 21 July 2008

The First Success

The First Plate to hold an image, was quite unreal, a very strange feeling, a little like a polaroid sense of elation combined with the feeling of you first darkroom print.

Had just got back from the Royal photographic Society to hear a talk from a blind large format photographer. The Van decided to break down, and boiling water was released from the radiator, a little disappointing on the maiden voyage, but none the less decided to set camp in the van attempt the first plate, which as you can see from earlier, was interesting!

After the Failure occurred, Decided to travel directly to Sean Mackenna's  home in north London. After just having repaired a broken water pump and three days of concerned looking campsite dwellers! 
A slight alteration in the collodion and a new batch of salts and the camera reared its weary head from the dark. thank you Sean

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  1. hello, just wondering about this alteration you made, if you could remember it. am using sean's sodium formula as well, and the same thing happened to me: no images formed... wondering if you could help...